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The way of login to is a special ıp address for logining to admin panel of a modem. is default bythe modem companies as a portal address and you can use this ıp address to make any kind of changes to modem seetings.

How to login to

Click on web browser and type into the url panel. When you enter the site will ask you your username and password. Enter your informations there and you will be able to Access to admin panel of the modem. But if you couldn’t Access the modem’s admin panel with try these ıp adresses or if you forgot your ıp address and your password or they aren’t working you can look at the back of your modem or you can read the manual.
If you chanced your password than you should return to factory settings. To do this you need to press and hold 10-15 seconds the button back of your modem. When you reset your modem, you password will be “1234” or “that”.

The way of changing your router ıp address

The default ıp address comes predefined by your internet service provider, nevertheless if the user wants to change it to protect themselves from bad guys they can chance it.

What if I forgot the IP Address username and password?
What if I forgot the IP Address username and password?

What if I forgot the IP Address username and password?

If you forgot your predefined ip adress password and username or you have changed the predefined password and then you forgot it you will not be able to connect to your router. İn this circumstances, you will need to reset your router. To reset your modem, it also known as a factory reset, you need to turn off the modem by pressing the on/off button. After that you need push the small button with the tip of pencil or any kind of small thing. Afterwards turn on the modem by pressing on/off button. But do not let the small button. Continue this procedure until all lights on the modem gone off which it takes about 20 second. After taking your hands on the reset button, wait for the all lights are fixed. All precedure with modem is done. Go to your computer and open the internet page. After that type access your admin panel. Delete all thing on the password screen and enter your default password which are ttnet or 1234, you can connect your modem after all this processes. If you change your password again do not forget to take not of them.

For TP-Link users ;
how to login to TP-Link users

For TP-Link users ;

  • Login to your predefined admin panel at or
  • Click on Advanced Settings after that click on Network and LAN.
  • You can enter your new ıp address panel whatever you want.
how to login to D-Link users

For D-Link users ;

  • Login to your D-Link modem router installation page and enter setup and cces network settings.
  • You can change our ıp address in there.
  • Change you adjustments and save it.
  • You can protect your wifi network with following some basic rules such as setting up strong password changing your IP address. These protections are important to prevent any kind of unauthorized ccess to your wifi network.
how to login to Netgear Users

For NetGear users ;

  • Login to NetGear modem settings with or
  • After logged in the page go to Advanced and click to Setup then LAN setup.
  • You will see IP Setup there. Change into
  • After you finished with all the steps, you can save it.