The way of security your wifi network

The way of security your wifi network

As a wifi owner you need to know the basics of wifi security protection. Unauthorized and bad guys can easily use your wifi network for bad things. Protection of wifi network can prevent long term damage to your wifi network. You can do these basic steps to protect your wifi.

The basics are important

Before the advenced matters its important that you know about some basic things about your IP Address, MAC Address, SSID. You need to get familiar these topics. Identifying good and bad site is important because if you allow that site they can mimic or stole your personal information without even you know it.

Strong password is crucial

More hard is better for the security.Wifi Security expert said that creating strong password is crucial. Use always number, lower and upper case,symbols like @>!#. And lenght of the password should be 10-15 charecters. Do not use your name or any information about yourself. And experts recommended that you should change your password once every 3 month. It would be prevent any leakage on your wifi network you.

Use wifi network encryption

Your modem includes many encryption forms in it. Such as WPA,WEP,WPA2. But expert said that WPA and WEP does not work on new technology they success using WPA2 as aencryption portocol.

Use MAC-address filtering

You can use blacklisting metod which is allows you to block devices with their MAC-Address. You can see there who is connecting your wifi and if you want you can block them.

Deactivate WPS settings

WPS which is stand for wifi protected setup. This metod creates simple network configuration by clicking button on router. It’s very affective metod but it can be hack easily. That’s why you should deactive WPS. You can deactive WPS from wireless settings under Advanced Setup.

Update your router’s Software

In any event your router had any system disorder or any data breached this could be potential loophole for any kind of danger . ıf your modem has not been updated it can be hack easily. The router companies aware of these situation they find a solution which is automatic update for routers. If router needs any update i will be updated automaticly.

With these basic informations you can prevent any kind of damage. You do not need to be expert for protect your wifi network and you do not need to buy any kind of softwares to help you.   

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