What is an IP address stands for?

What is an IP address? If we say briefly IP address means Internet Protocol Address and with this label your devices can connect to the ınternet. This address is combined for make your device connect to internet. Because of the numirical form you do not need any kind of decryption. The connection between device and internet is only possible because of IP Addresses. There are two types ıp address that we used which are IPv4( Internet Protocol version 4) and IPv6( Internet Protocol version 6). IPv4 is the older one and this IP Address uses 32-bit number. If the users of the internet increases too much IPv4 starts failing. That’s why IPv6 introduced with 128- bits used in IP addresses. During 2000s IPv4 has been devoleped as good as IPv6. The numbers are given the device by the creater of the IP Addresses and that can be static or dynamic. Static ones can not be changed but dynamic ones can chances. However dynamic ıp addresses are not as stable as the static ones. The way of functining of the IP Addreses are conneting to the host for the transfer of the data. And also ıp address interact with the host by finding it and it helps the host to find destination. We can find the location any kind of devices by their IP addresses. And all kind of trasported data kept on the IP packet.

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