CenturyLink Router Setup Ip Address

If you are looking for the proper way to login to the system of the Westell router, you are on the true page. This knowledge will be beneficial to find a solution to CenturyLink login issues by using pk5001z.

How can you set up an Ip Address:

  1. Wire any mobile devices to your modem by ethernet cable. These devices can be a laptop, a computer, or a tablet.
  2. Start a web browser to type the following number into the address field. “” ( If you are having trouble with your connection, if you want to learn your password or username, click here.
  3. In that section, you should make an entrance to the login section. This is your modem’s graphic user interface. You will be in need of Admin Username and Admin Password. You are able to find these things in the box of the modem. If you changed these data, you need to remind them.
  4. After you type these data, click on the blue “apply” button.
  5. If you need to disable some specific devices you can use Advanced Setup. But if you just want to make a regular quick setup you can choose Quick Setup.
  6. Your Ip Address ready. You can achieve the internet by using your pk5001z or any other CenturyLink products.

How can I add a password to my router?

This is an easy process. Apply the steps below and choose the “Advanced Setup”. In those steps, there is an option called “Advanced Setup”. Choose that option and find the section called Security. You can add a password from there. Also, you can restrict the devices, too.