Cisco Router Default Ip Address

If you are looking to arrange the configuration of your Cisco wireless router, you are in the true place. We will be examining how to achieve IP login, setup, and the issues about to assign IP adress. Changing the settings is easier when you are using a packet tracer. If you are familiar with it you can also use a CLI to make it better. You are able to find the proper way to make changes in your client on the below.

How to assign IP address to router in cisco packet tracer?

  1. Open the packet tracer by your computer. This is a terminal-based program to arrange your router by using a program. You can modify your router professionally by it.
  2. Enter the configuration terminal by using the following lines. This command will enable you to make changes in the terminal.

“Router> enable

Router# configure terminal”

  1. Specify the name you want to use. The command is the following. Advice: Don’t make the hostname as “admin”. There would be a security deficit if you do that way.

“hostname the-name-you-want-to-give”

  1. You should specify the password you want to use. You can type the command as the following. We recommend setting your password as an unbreakable one. To do that you can use random characters with capital letters and numbers.

“enable secret thisIsThePasswordYouUse”

  1. You should disable the router from the unfamiliar typos into your IP address. The command you need to type is the following.

“no ip domain-lookup”