How to find router IP address

If you are making sentences like “I don’t know how to find my router IP address” you are tracking the true path. On this page, you will be able to find out the IP address that your computer connected to router. These are the steps to find the IP address of a wireless router on Windows 10.

How to find Router IP address mac?

  1. You should access the system preferences. To do that click on the Apple icon and find that section here.
  2. Select the section called network.
  3. There should be a list on the left. Find your network and click on it. There should be a button called Advanced. Click on it, too.
  4. Choose the TCP/IP on the next menu. In that area there is the data that you are looking for. Your router’s IP address. Where is it? It is next to the section called Router. You can find out your router’s IP address.

How do you find the router’s IP address on Windows?

  1. Open the start menu. Type the following on the search section “Command”. You will be able to find Command Prompt.
  2. Start the Command Prompt. This should be a terminal screen. There is a text area here. Type here the following. “IPCONFIG”.
  3. The program will be listing different things. Your router’s IP address is the one called Default Gateway. Unfortunately you can copy and paste the data here. If you need it we recommend to note it down.