Motorola Router Login Ip Adress

You have bought an Sbg6580 wireless router and you need to log in IP address to use it. On this page, you will be able to how to login an IP address to Comcast Motorola. Also, you can find default things about this device such as default admin username and default password.

How to log in to an IP Address by a Motorola Router?

  1. To get started, you should start an internet browser with a device wired to the router.
  2. You should type the following numbers to the address section or These numbers are different due to the different Motorola devices.
  3. There will be a user interface. You should type the username as admin and the password as motorola. Because these are the default ones. After that click on the login button. Beware that all the characters are case sensitive.
  4. You should be successful in login in if you applied all the steps carefully.

If you are not able to enter, try to change the numerical addresses below. There are two options. All of them can be seen there.

Can I create a password for my Motorola router?

Yes, you can create a password. After you apply the steps above, you will find the section called security. In that section, you can create passwords to avoid outsiders to access your router. By the way, try to use passwords that long and without meaning. You can choose random letters, numerical characters, and special characters.