Verizon Router Ip Address

On this page, you will be able to gather knowledge on the Verizon FiOS router. Also, we will be showing how to find the login IP, the static IP you need. Also, there will be the default IP of the Verizon FiOS router. These bits of knowledge will be beneficial on the Actiontec router to use wireless login.

How to change IP address Verizon FiOS router?

  1. You should enter the log in section by using your administrator username and administrator password.
  2. Enter the section called My Network. This section should be on the menu located on the top.
  3. Find Network Connections from the menu you can see on the left.
  4. You will be accessed to a list of connections. Click on the button called Network, there will be a text like (Home/Office) near it.
  5. There will be a Settings button. Click on it to change the settings.
  6. You will see a section with an IP Address. You can identify it by the numerical combination. (It should be going like 192.XXX.X.X). Change here.
  7. Also, there is an area like a DHCP pool. You can see the Start and End Address if you use DHCP (probably yes, because this is the default setting) change these.
  8. Click apply. You are done. Sometimes you need to reboot. If there is a such necessity reboot the router.

Your Verizon FiOS router’s IP address will be changed if you apply all of these steps. We hope these would be beneficial to find solutions.