Can’t Connect to Router IP

Sometimes a malfunction in the router can result on your devices to shown an error message “failed to obtain ip address.” If you are having this error, you can’t connect to the router either with phone through wireless so “why can’t connect?” the answers can be vary. In some cases, this problem can be solved by changing the http port or just using a different browser.

How to Resolve: Failed To Obtain IP Address Error?

Firstly, you must be make sure about using the correct IP address. To check this, you can use “ipconfig” in the command prompt to check whether you are on the right gateway or not.

You should check whether you are connecting directly to the router or not. In some type of routers requires, the connection must be through an ethernet cable, not Wi-Fi. This is some sort of a security feature of some routers. If you have this type of router, you always need to make the connection via cable.

Other suggestion to resolve not being able to connect to the router is, to make sure that you can reach to your router.  In command prompt, use “ping” to verify that connection exists between the devices.

Checking the HTTP protocols is another way. Some routers requires an HTTPS protocol to use the interface. In other words, if you cant reach to your router, you may want to try https://your-router-ip-adress /

If all of the above methods wont work, you can always try factory reset. This will erase every custom setting that have been made on the router.