Difference Between Modem And Router

What is the difference between a modem and a router? This is a potential question that could be come from a person who is on the internet for a while. You may heard “router” and “modem” terms that quite using on the “tech people.” Here is the explanation.

Modem or Router Which One You Should Prefer?

In short explanation; a router creates a network for your devices. What a modem does is; a modem provides connection to the internet of those devices. When you start a connection to your Wi-Fi, actually you are connection to your router. The routers duty is forwarding the traffic between the devices, in this case your computer, and the internet.

Many router manufacturers provides a combined unit which can perform as a router and a modem for you network. The modems serves as a bridge in the network. Its duty is making communications between your ISP and your devices that connected to the modem.

Do You Need A Router If You Have a Modem?

The technical opinion for this question is a no and a yes in the same time. Because a modem can only be able to connect one devices at the same time to the internet. Bu a router can connect multiple devices to the internet. So the router can distribute the network between every different devices that you have but modem usually fewer. Also modems has a Public IP that can be accessed over the internet and this is a negative thing for your security-wise.