Failed To Obtain IP Address Router

If you ever asked the question to yourself that why my frontier router keeps telling me failed to obtain ip address, you may find the answer here that you are looking for. Failed to obtain IP adress router error code can be shown at any wifi router. For example Netgear or Belkin routers may show you this kind of error messages. What you should do to solve this error? Here are some answers.

The problem may be caused by the following

  • a source from a wireless interference
  • an unwanted router glitch
  • false wireless security settings
  • using wrong black list settings in the MAC address
  • a software problem

How to Resolve Failed To Obtain IP Address Router Error?

There are 2 methods regarding to solve this problem. In each methods you need access different parts of your router interface and check different settings.

Method 1

First method is basically about removing and then re adding the network. In some cases the problem can be solved with this easy steps. With this option you can force the router to auto-configure some of the settings and get a new IP. To apply the method firstly you need to go to “settings” tab on your device. After that make a long press on the network that you are having problem then, click “forget network” Afterwards, select the same network and re-enter the password so you can get a new IP.

Method 2

If the first way could not solved your problem then you can try rebooting both the router and the device that you are trying the connect with. This way, you may solve the problem.