How to Find IP Address of My Router

If you ever asked “what is my ip” in order to make a change of the settings of your router, there are easy methods to learn the IP address. These methods can be used on both Windows 10 or on Mac in other words can be used on any device connected to the router.

How to Find IP Address on Windows 10?

If you are using a PC that based on Windows 10 you can type “cmd” in the start menu and open the command prompt.  Type ipconfig afterwards, you can see the IP address in the “default gateway” column.

There is a second method to view the IP address. To start this way, first you need to open “Control Panel” on Windows. Click on “Network and Internet” later “View network status and tasks.” Final step is clicking the Wifi or Ethernet connection link and hit on “details” section. In the pop-up window you can check the router IP address from “IPv4 Default Gateway.” It should be looking like you can use this IP address for accessing to the settings of the router just by typing the address on your browser.

How to Find IP Address of the Router on Mac?

The first way to get the IP address on Mac is through “system preferences.” You can view the IP address under the “Connection Details” section.  The alternative to this is can be done by launching the “Terminal App.” On terminal app you need to type “netstat -nr|grep default” after typing that just enter. Next, you can view the IP address of the router.