Wps Button on Netgear, Xfinity Router

If you have a router that has a button marked as “WPS” on its surface, you may ask: “what is wps button on router?” What does this abbreviation stands for? In this tutorial you could get the answer of your question above.

What is WPS?

This three letters on the router are stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Basically  WPS is a network security protocol that makes the links between one of your devices and the router. This protocol works for wireless and make this connections secure with a WPA or WPA2 protocol passwords.

What Are The WPS Functions?

WPS button on your Netgear, Xfinity or some other brands router in simple terms; makes the connections easy. If you use the WPS button on the router to make it enable to discover and connect to new devices; then on your PC or smartphone, select the network that you have pressed the WPS button. After that you can connect that device to your router without entering the password. That is the first function of WPS button.

Some other devices rather than routers, may have a WPS button on their own. If you press that button, you can make quick and easy connection with that device and the router. Simply, just press the WPS buttons on your router and your other device, then those devices can be able to connect without needing a password. WPS function automatically sends the necessary information’s such as; SSID, password etc. Later on you won’t need to put those network information’s on your device that you want to make it connect to the router.